The Role of Business Support in America

Most American's rely on small business for their income, and therefore there are a huge number of independent retailers in the USA. Due this, there is also a great demand for support for small businesses. According to statistics, half of America’s economy is built by small businesses spread across the nation. Most of the businesses are set up in urban centers and attract over half of America’s working population. It is clear that small businesses are thriving, not only in America, but worldwide. Small businesses are classes as any business with less that 500 employees, and therefore they are the class of business that encapsulates the most enterprises.

What is small Business Support? 1. Provision of Innovation

The rise of the technology has ensured innovation is maintained across the board. The advancement in technology has supported small businesses in many ways. For example, it is now easy for small businesses to access incredible amounts of information online. Furthermore, it is now easier than ever to reach your target audience online, whether it be listing your company address on Google My Business, or reaching out via social media.

The rise in technology has also brought an increase in the tools that are available for small businesses. Point of sale technology, financial tools and access to suppliers online has brought down the cost for a lot of small businesses.

2. Local Community

Due to the significant number of small businesses in America, small business support comes in the form of other retailers. Retailers make up a large and vibrant community full of support and networking opportunities.